by chinesedream.

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released April 13, 2012

recorded and mixed by Dave Curry in various locations between February and April of 2012.
on this recording, Chinesedream. is-

Chuck Southwell - Vocals
Lance Tatum - Guitars
Sonny Reyes - Drums, Bass, Noise, Vocals

guest vocals on Frustration by JP Morgan



all rights reserved


Chinesedream. Charleston, South Carolina

frustrated jams from south carolina

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Track Name: an introduction to discomfort
broken hearts. swollen eyes. somber days. unknown lies. in the end, we all die. life is pain.
Track Name: harmony korine's glasses
life is too short, days are too long. sunset, sunrise. why’d you have to take my time? why’d you have to waste my time? your eyes, they burn my face. waste my time.
Track Name: my fingertips, your fingertips, ours
high nights, low mornings. these days aren’t the same. low nights, high mornings. these days are the same. long afternoons spent alone, no plans of making any moves. stay put, don’t go away, i can’t bear the lack of excitement. fractured from dizzy spells that i cannot ignore. words lost meaning, hollow tongues have exhausted my mind. i don’t know how to convey this to you. i live to please, i’m not pleased to live. just please hold my hand.
Track Name: chicken violence
chuck: lies, why can’t you see? blind to life.

sonny: you cross my mind from time to time, with my thumbs shoved in your eyes.
Track Name: frustration
i’m still trying to escape these memories. a heart spelled out in these dead leaves. a confused man wanders in search of a home. but a mile of sky won’t bandage these wounds. take this knife out of my chest and lift your curse. why can’t you die? where do i begin? where do you end?