winter demo 2011

by chinesedream.

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released December 20, 2011

instrumentals were recorded in a storage unit by Patrick Thomas. Vocals were recorded in Sonny's hallway by Dave Curry.
Chuck Southwell - Vocals
Sonny Reyes - Drums, Bass, Vocals
Lance Tatum - Guitar



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Chinesedream. Charleston, South Carolina

frustrated jams from south carolina

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Track Name: an introduction to discomfort
broken hearts, swollen eyes, somber days, unknown lies...
in the end, we all die.
life is pain.
Track Name: this is not for you
that sinking feeling… i took a look into your head and i could not see myself. i took a look into your heart and i could not see myself. i took a look into your future and i could not see myself.

scarlet eyes and dried out lips… i trace the veins in your sclera and it spells my name. clear skies and your mind surely placed as high as the clouds we cannot see. i was so sure you didn’t have the heart to break mine, but now i’m sure you never had one at all.

(the awful realization) my heart would not beat if it weren’t for yours. the gears in my head would not turn. you are indifferent.
Track Name: imperfection (a demonstration of acceptance)
take this back, you’re not alone. long nights spent watching my phone just to know that you’re alright. i’ve been watching my phone all night. and i looked into your eyes and realized i was incomplete without you looking back into mine. and i looked into your eyes and realized they were deep oceans, and though i tried to swim across my arms proved not toned enough to break the current and i drowned in this feeling of emptiness. i don’t know why i still pray. it always fucking rains. our fingers once were so tightly embraced… since then, it seems i’ve been replaced. can i believe our love was true when you said the same things to me? take me back, i don’t want to be alone.

some things just don’t work out; that’s the truth I have to somehow see. I’ll get over this and i’ll relearn to breathe. but don’t ever say that I asked you to leave.
Track Name: a dramatic display of frustration and questions that wield no answers
i’m still trying to escape these memories, a heart spelled out in these dead leaves. a confused man wanders in search of a home but a mile of sky won’t bandage these wounds.

think of this as something as temporary as the cigarettes you hold in-between your fingers and slowly to your mouth as you suck as much as you can from it. exhale. everything in life will be like this.

take this knife out of my chest. please. lift your curse.
(why can't you die?)
where do i begin? where do you end?